Our Story

Hi there!

My name is Reina Pinto, founder and CEO here at haruhome.

Much of my childhood was spent in Osaka, Japan with my Grandma Haruko. My siblings and I stayed in the home my grandfather built for her with his own hands. It smelt of the tatami floor mats, Japanese cedar, and the sweet scents drifting in from the flower garden outside. Not only the smell of the home left memories, but all the food we ate together left a big impact as well. Some of my favorites were Delaware grapes, melon bread, and soft-serve ice cream.

My grandmother and I love eating together. We always had something delicious to share. We ate during intense Othello games, Audrey Hepburn movies marathons, and while we laughed endlessly together. Through these moments I grew to realize how much I aspired to follow in her footsteps as a woman and mother. I even named my daughter, Rose Haruko, after her. 

She is to this day one of the most strong, encouraging, and hilarious women I know. She taught me how working hard and going after your dreams can inspire generations after you. It is also a large part of Japanese culture to have respect for the environment and for each other and the community. Through haruhome I hope to share a bit of Grandma Haruko's wisdom, goodness, and joy into your home - not to mention all the unique and refreshing scents!

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Paraben Free
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Sulfate Free
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Eco Friendly
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Cruelty Free
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Family Friendly

our mission

Protect our community and world with the cleanest and highest quality products.
We aim to bring endless joy and newfound comfort to your home.