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Hand sanitizer is an essential item whose importance only grows as businesses and schools reopen and flu season approaches on top of the pandemic. As the sanitizer market both struggles with high demand and floods with new manufacturers and options, it’s no simple task to find safe, effective products at fair prices. Sanitizer shopping may be even harder for families teaching reluctant children proper hand hygiene and for individuals with dry or irritated skin, chemical sensitivities, or scent aversions. We hope the following introduction to our favorite products will help simplify the process.

Why haruhome?

At haruhome, we want to help promote health in your family and community by offering hand hygiene products that can be used with confidence and pleasure.

Haruhome is BPOC- and woman-owned, never tests on animals, and manufactures all of its products in the United States. We work hard to honor and continue our heritage by including nostalgic scents and leaving out harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and triclosan so that old and young can enjoy our products together.

Currently, we are prioritizing production of hand sanitizer in several forms. Continue reading and check out our product chart below to find out which one is right for you and your family.

Hand sanitizer gel

Hand sanitizers are effective in both gel and spray forms as long as they contain sufficient alcohol and are used according to instructions. Most haruhome sanitizers contain 75% isopropyl alcohol, which meets recommendations set by both the CDC and the WHO. For general purposes, it may be worth trying both gel and spray to determine which form is more comfortable for you to use.

However, certain situations favor the use of sanitizer gel. People working in high-risk settings such as health care typically find gel more convenient to dispense in adequate quantities, whereas sprays may require about 5 pumps for effective hand sanitizing. Gel may also be easier to control for parents or teachers helping young children. We also offer gel in recyclable BPA-free pump bottles, including a large 32-ounce size ideal for use in common spaces and businesses. 

Most of our fruity and floral scented sanitizers are currently gels. They make great gifts for essential workers, teachers, and others.

Hand sanitizer spray

Spray sanitizer comes as a thinner liquid than gel, and some people prefer the feel of it on their skin. The spray can also be convenient for on-the-go cleaning of small, high-touch items like keys and door handles. However, it’s ultimately a hand sanitizer and specially formulated to moisturize and remove germs from skin. To sanitize hard surfaces in your home, we suggest our Japanese Peppermint Surface Sanitizer Spray, which also contains 75% isopropyl alcohol.

Tea Tree Oil Hand Sanitizer

Our Tea Tree Oil Sanitizer Gel combines the antimicrobial properties of 75% isopropyl alcohol and tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil. This essential oil is derived from the traditional Australian medicinal plant Melaleuca alternifolia and has demonstrated potential to accelerate healing of minor wounds such as cracks in dry skin, soothe skin inflammation, and reduce itching, which in turn prevents the spread of germs and infection through scratching. Tea tree oil also releases a soothing vapor.

Is hand sanitizer always enough?

Although alcohol-based hand sanitizers are effective and convenient to use when out and about, they do not eliminate all pathogens or work reliably when hands are visibly soiled or greasy. In fact, the CDC recommends washing hands with soap and water whenever possible because this method reduces all types of germs as well as harmful chemicals.

Everyone should learn to clean their hands properly both with hand sanitizer and with soap and water. To complete your hand hygiene arsenal, haruhome offers effective, nontoxic castile soap in our signature Japanese-inspired scents as well as a fragrance-free version.

The chart below summarizes your haruhome hand sanitizer choices. We look forward to keeping you up-to-date as we expand our offerings.

* CDC and WHO recommendations for disinfectants.

Did you know?

We offer both spray and gel sanitizers in a range of sizes to suit all your needs, including travel. Until further notice, the TSA is allowing each passenger to carry on one container of up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer. For details, see 

by Eri Pinto - August 18, 2020

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